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On October 12, 2001 I went into the Mayo Clinic, (St. Luke's Hospital) Jacksonville, Florida for open-heart surgery to be performed by a Dr. Sanford J. Finck.   I was told I would be in the Mayo Clinic for six days.  Due to a careless mistake the Mayo Clinic punctured my stomach in two places.  I was their involuntary guest for almost five weeks.  While in the Mayo Clinic one of my lungs collapsed, I contracted MRSA, peritonitis, pneumonia and my gall bladder stopped working. When I was sent home from the Mayo Clinic it was as a decrepit invalid with drainage bottles hanging from me, infected with invasive candidiasis (from which, four out of ten people who get it, die), a collapsed lung, suffering from excruciatingly painful bedsores and an agonizingly painful wound in my abdomen which, despite following the Mayo Clinic's recommendations to the letter, would not heal.

Due to their mistake, the Mayo Clinic nearly killed me, caused me much agony, took over two years of my life away, and then, after agreeing to cancel their bill (to see the Mayo Clinic's letter, signed by Roseanna D. Arey, Patient Administrative Liaison, agreeing this, please click the link below*), waited until the time limit for filing a medical malpractice suit ran out and then, in May 2005, sued me.  A time line, copies of documents, letters and photographs detailing my Mayo Clinic experiences and subsequent events may be found on this site.

If you too think the American medical machine or the Mayo Clinic has victimized you then you may contact me (by clicking the electronic mail contact graphic below at the bottom of this page) with details of your experiences.  No anecdotal stories please - they must be your personal experiences.   Please be factual and truthful and also say if I may share your experiences at a later date with other readers by publishing the details on this site and perhaps later in an E book and/or a printed book.  Please keep in mind that all electronic mail is traceable back to its originator.

There is also a section within this site where you can find details of how to help four common health problems:  Sinus problems, the common cold, nail fungus and the hiccups.   These recommendations are cheap and very easy to do.  They have really helped me and everyone else I know who has tried them.  If you ever have any of these conditions then I hope they will help you too. 

Given the deluge of information on the Internet and the constraints on one's time these days, I appreciate that people may have neither the time nor the inclination to read through everything on this site.  Accordingly you may go only to any sections of interest by clicking on the underlined section names at the top of this page or go to the next page by clicking the "next page" link below.

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*Mayo's will cancel their bill letter & release.