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12) Hiccups


In common with most people I have experienced the occasional case of the hiccups.  This is what I have found cures me.  Stand upright and stretch your arms straight up and swing down and touch your toes, then swing back up to the arms upstretched position and start over  - just as you did at school during the Physical Education lessons.  Do it half a dozen times.  If the hiccups return do it again. 

I don't mean hiccups caused by an underlying medical condition.  I mean an ordinary bout of the hiccups that
many people get now and again and is said to be caused most commonly by distention of the stomach, which you get if you eat too much, eat some stodgy food, drink carbonated beverages too quickly, or swallow too much air.

I don't know why or how it works.  Maybe it works by dislodging whatever is pressing against a nerve in one's
insides to cause the hiccup reflex?   Anyway, this method has always worked for me and for other people I have told to try it and I hope it works for you too.  It doesn't cost anything, it's quick, easy and the exercise may be good for you. So, if you ever get the hiccups then give it a try.

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