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13) Mayo Clinic Tidbits.

Here's a link: 

It's a site run, under the radar, seemingly by an ex employee of the Mayo Clinic. Here's an excerpt: "With national and international expansion and an insatiable appetite for growth, money and regional domination at any cost, problems have become so routine that an independent Guide To Surviving The Mayo Clinic is a necessity."  After reading some of the postings you may well wonder why anyone would want to work at such a place.

Here's a link:

to the U.S. Dept of Justice's website with details of the case where The Mayo Foundation, parent organization of the Mayo Clinic paid the United States $6.5 million to resolve some chicanery over the misuse of the federal grants program.

Here's a link:

to an item raised by the Wall Street Journal about the Mayo Clinic slapping a patent on a treatment for sinusitis.  The implication is that the Mayo is money grubbing.  The Mayo Clinic spin meisters of course claim pure altruistic motives. 

The Mayo Clinic enjoys the tax advantages of a non-profit organisation.   The CEO, Dr. Dennis Cortese has a salary of $1.5 million per year and, according to The Twin City Business Journal, (TCBJ) this puts Dr. Cortese at the top of the list for 2006 of the highest paid non profit CEOs in Minnesota.  I'm not qualified to say if this is excessive, but obviously, the Twin City Business Journal thought it notable.  However, it appears that since the TCBJ published its article, Dr. Cortese's salary has been halved.

Here's a link:

where you can read about a Mayo Clinic doctor who, allegedly, photographed a patient's genitalia during surgery:

Here's a link:  to an article about a Mayo Clinic doctor accused of trying to have sex with an underage girl.

Here's another distressing story that exemplifies the inhumanity of the Mayo Clinic.

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