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4) Progress - but the wound got worse.


I progressed gradually from the walker to walking stick to where I could walk unaided but the wound in my abdomen got steadily worse and wouldn't heal.  As with many older men I have prostate problems so it was convenient to get my PSA levels and tests at the Mayo while seeing Dr. Ronald A. Hinder, the head of Mayo's surgery, the last surgeon at the Mayo who operated on my stomach, about the failure of the wound to heal.  But, had I needed any prostrate treatment beyond the tests, you'd better believe I'd have got it elsewhere than the Mayo. 


Regretfully, despite following Dr. Ronald Hinder's treatment recommendations, the stomach wound (to see a letter from Dr. Hinder, click the link* below) just got steadily worse.  Eventually, he said that I would likely need plastic surgery on my abdomen with a polypropylene mesh insert.  I asked him why he hadn't done it when he "repaired" my stomach the last time and he said he "couldn't because it was infected."  As you may imagine, the thought of more surgery at the Mayo alarmed me considerably and I started seeking treatment elsewhere immediately.  However, once I explained what had happened no other doctor or medical establishment would even see me.  I learnt that doctors are very reluctant to treat the mistakes of other doctors.

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*Dr. Hinder's letter.

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